Check a teacher’s record

A teacher’s record includes their qualifications and also tells you if they:

  • passed their induction
  • are prevented from teaching by a prohibition order
  • were sanctioned by the General Teaching Council for England (GTCE)

You can search for a teacher’s record using their last name and date of birth.

You should confirm the teacher’s identity before you check their record.

Before you start

You need a DfE Sign-in account. If you do not have one then you can:

  • ask your organisation’s approver to create an account for you
  • use the contact form to request an account if you do not have an approver
  • email if you work for a teacher supply agency – you should normally receive a response within 5 working days

If you need to check a teacher’s record while you wait for your DfE Sign-in account, email and say ‘urgent query’ in the subject line.

Qualified teacher learning and skills (QTLS) status

A teacher’s record will not tell you if they have QTLS. You need to check the Society for Education and Training professional register.

School managers and governors

There’s a separate list of people who are not allowed to manage or govern schools. This is called the section 128 list.